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Galerie Mirko Mayer, Cologne
The Legion of Rock Stars
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In 1998, Tom Mott founded LEGION OF ROCK STARS (L.R.S.) in Los Angeles, California. The band pioneered the performance technique known as the Pure Pleasure Process: while listening to songs on headphones that have been inserted into 30dB sound blockers, the outside world is silenced. Band members do not hear themselves or each other, but only the original recorded track. Conversely, the audience only hears the music produced by the Legion of Rock Stars.

This technique allows the band to free themselves from the shackles of practicing
, while at the same time experiencing a flawless sonic performance that liberates the Pure Pleasure that is rooted within the songs.

LEGION OF ROCK STARS played live throughout Los Angeles from 1998 until 2005. L.R.S. is not currently playing live shows, as our members are scattered across the globe. The band remains active and continues to release new recordings and other media on the Web.

Founding members include Tom Mott, Thaddeus Couldron, Colin Cook (Carlin), Dadek, Daniel Rismann, Gene Conway (Gino), Bill Benecke (Billbo), Dave Wigforss, and Kevin Jackson (Sleestak)...

… with assistance over the years from Tim, Larry, Nad, Vera, Perry Crowe, Derek Drymon, Jody Hughes, Keith Walsh, Ted Machold, Joe Orrantia, John Mamais, Danny “El Drunko” McGuffin, David Corrado, and Erik “Jytar” Molina.

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